Meeting Baikal

Combined tour, which combines several types of holiday


Meeting Baikal

This tour can also be called a weekend tour as it was created for those who'd love to leave the noisy city behind in order to meet Baikal. We offer you a ship cruise to the Ushkanyi islands to see the Baikal seal, enjoy your time at thermal springs and spend the weekend outdoors. Plan your rest with us, we'll do everything to make it unforgettable and intensely beautiful.

rout of the tour

1. Meeting at the airport Ulan-Ude(non-resident) - the village of Maksimikha
2. Monakhovo - ushkanii Islands - Snake Bay
3. Sending in Ulan - Ude (for nonresident)


3 days / 2 nights

what you will see

Excursions, traditional Buryat cuisine, the face of the goddess Yanzhima, medicinal tour, the TRANS-Baikal national Park, Buryat shrines, Suvinsky stone castles, the old Barguzin , Barguzinskiy datsan, Zabaykalsky petroglify (VIII-IX century), the great salt lake Alga


Hotels, guest houses

what's included

The services of the travel guide;
transportation (both automobile and marine)
accommodation in hotels or guest houses;
three-time meals (daily)

useful facts

For each round, it is possible to change the routing, at the request of guests.

the price per one person

(when the group from 6 persons)


Meeting Baikal

Departure from the city of Ulan-Ude to the village of Maksimikha (Ust-Barguzin). Along the way we stop at the sand-dunes near the river Bezymyanka. Upon arrival to Maksimikha (Ust-Barguzin) you are settled in the cosy rooms, offered dinner and night rest.
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Meeting Baikal

8:00 morning call, breakfast, then excursion to the Ushkanye islands. During our automobile trip a lot of interesting stops await for you on the way. Upon arrival to the area of Monakhovo. you are offered to board the ship, have a delicious meal and travel to the Ushkanyi islands. There you will get a chance to see the Baikal seal and enjoy your time at the thermal springs at the Zmeinaya bay. Later on, you are served dinner and spend the night in the Zmeinaya bay as well.
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Meeting Baikal

Breakfast. Traveling along the area of Monakhovo to Ulad-Ude. On the way to Ulan-Ude you will have several interesting stops and excursions.
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