Baikal and I

Combined tour, which combines several types of holiday.


Baikal and I

12 days away from hustle and bustle of the big cities, a tet-a-tet with wild nature of the sacred lake of Baikal. This tour is designed to make you get acquainted with the large territory of Baikal and its shores, its people who would never change their small villages for metropolises even though the latter seem to provide more opportunities. You will rest in body and in spirit, yet Baikal will call you back again and again and again.

rout of the tour

1. Ulan-Ude - Maksimikha
2. Maksimikha - Monakhovo - ushkanii Islands - Snake Bay
3. Monakhovo - Barguzinskaya 1. Meeting at the airport Ulan-Ude(non-resident) - the village of Maksimikha
2. Monakhovo - ushkanii Islands - Snake Bay
3. Chivyrkuy Bay - Barguzin Bay
4. Barguzin valley - S. Suwa - lake Alga - C. Kurumkan
5. Kucuker resort - resort umha resort Alla
6. S. Yarikto
7. S. Maksimikha ( Ust - Barguzin )
8. Cape. Lower headboard Holy nose Peninsula - the island of Olkhon
9. the island of Olkhon-Cape Khoboy
10 and 11. S. Maksimikha ( Ust-Barguzin )
12. Sending in Ulan - Ude (for nonresident)


12 days / 11 nights

what you will see

Excursions, traditional Buryat cuisine, the face of the goddess Yanzhima, medicinal tour, the TRANS-Baikal national Park, Buryat shrines, Suvinsky stone castles, the old Barguzin , Barguzinskiy datsan, Zabaykalsky petroglify (VIII-IX century), the great salt lake Alga


Hotels, guest houses, yurts

what's included

The services of the travel guide;
transportation (both automobile and marine)
accommodation in hotels or guest houses;
three-time meals (daily, with exceptions mentioned above)

useful facts

For each tour, if requested, we are eager to update or alter our routes. It is also possible to negotiate peculiarities of the meals/cuisine.

the price per one person

(when the group from 6 persons)


We meet you at Ulan-Ude airport (for guests from Irkutsk, the tour is altered at its first stage). Departure from the city of Ulan-Ude to the village of Maksimikha (Ust-Barguzin). Along the way we stop at the sand-dunes near the river Bezymyanka. Upon arrival to Maksimikha (Ust-Barguzin) you are settled in the cosy rooms, offered dinner and night rest.
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8:00 – morning call, breakfast, then excursion to the Ushkanye islands. During our automobile trip a lot of interesting stops await for you on the way. Upon arrival to the area of Monakhovo. you are offered to board the ship, have a delicious meal and travel to the Ushkanyi islands. There you will get a chance to see the Baikal seal and enjoy your time at the thermal springs at the Zmeinaya bay. Later on, you are served dinner and spend the night in the Zmeinaya bay as well.
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Breafast, then excursion to the Chivyrkuisky bay. You will have a chance to see the islands and other places of natural beauty. You will also swim in the warmest water of Baikal. If desired, we can organize finishing as well. At midday you are offered a delicious lunch. Upon arrival to the area of Monakhovo, we take a drive to the Barguzin valley. There, on the shore of Baikal, you are offered dinner and night rest in the teepee (yurt).
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We will take on an adventurous excursion along the Barguzin valley. We will visit the old Barguzin, Near the settlement of Suvo, we hike onto the mountain to the stone castles as tall as 50 meters and then see large salty Alginskoe Lake. We'll stop by the bukhe shulun (the bull-stone, the keeper of the Barguzin valley) and visit the Inninsky stone garden. Then you are offered lunch in the best traditions of the Buryat cuisine. You will also have a chance to purchase traditional Buryat milk-based vodka Arkhi. After lunch we depart to the settlement of Kurumkan (the regional center of the Kurumkan district), shopping (please, note this is the last settlement where electronic payment is accepted). Further on, we move to the ulus Alla (the Alla resorts) where you can enjoy thermal springs. Then you are offered dinner, free time and night rest. После обеда проезд до с. Курумкан (райцентр Курумканского района), посещение магазинов (крайняя точка обслуживания по картам) Проезд до улуса Алла, размещение на Курорте Алла Посещение горячего источника ужин, обмен впечатлениями, отдых, сон.
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Morning call, breakfast. Photo opportunity. Departure to the Kuchugyr Resort. There you can walk around, take hot bathes (upon request) and enjoy yourselves. Lunch in the cafe at the Resort (for additional payment). After lunch we depart to the Umkhei Resort. Along our way there, you can see and photograph all the beauty of the Barguzain valley as well as mountain peaks of the Barguzin Ridge. Upon arrival to the Umkhei resort, you are offered swimming in the warm lake (upon request), photo opportunity, sightseeing. Then we'll drive back to the Alla resort. Dinner. Free time. After 21.00 bathing procedures (upon request), evening photo opportunity, warm conversation at the bonfire.
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Morning call. Breakfast. Hiking to the waterfalls. Travel arrangements. Departure to the settlement of Yarikto where the most sacred artifact of Buryuatia is located. There we will accompany you to the Image of the Yanzhima Goddess as well as visit to the Barguzin Lamaist Temple (Datsan). Further on, we return to the base-camp where you are offered dinner and rest.
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You can spend this day per your personal wishes. After breakfast, you can walk along the village of Maksimikha (Ust-Barguzin), visit museums, swim in Baikal, enjoy traditional spa-procedures (“phyto-bochka”/special barrel made from cedar wood), sunbathe on the beach. Dinner, night rest.
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Breakfast. We board the ship and cruise along the Barguzin bay towards the cape on the Svyatoi Nos/the Saint Nose Peninsula. You will be captured by Baikal at the very moment you realize there is half a kilometer beneath you. Then we go to Olkhon island, the homestead of Khuzhir. Upon arrival to Olknon, you are offered dinner and night rest on the ship.
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Breakfast. Excursion towards the Northern Olkhon, the “place of power”. The final point of our route is Khobot Ridge. There you can see a breath-taking sight of Baikal and make incredible photos. Later on, you are offered fish-broth (ukha) prepared on the bon-fire and other interesting events. Upon arrival on the ship, you are offered dinner and night rest.
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Breakfast. Return to the settlement of Maksimikha (Ust-Barguzin). Dinner.
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You can spend this day at Baikal per your personal wishes. Breakfast. Travel arrangements. Hiking. After dinner, we plan on sharing our experiences and impressions regarding the tour. Then you are offered night rest.
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Breakfast, travel arrangements, departure to Ulan-Ude.
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