The Ushkanyi Islands

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The Ushkanyi Islands

Almost in the middle of lake Baikal situated surface part of the great Academic ridge, which he named the archipelago of the Ushkany Islands. In the archipelago of four Islands, the Big Ushkaniy, thin, long and round, they are the same and there is the famous, the largest rookery on the planet the only freshwater seal, which we call the Baikal seal.

rout of the tour

Departure from the village Goryachinsk - 7:30
Departure from the village of Maksimikha - 9:00
Departure from the settlement of Ust ' -Barguzin - 9:45
The area Monakhovo - Ushkanyi Islands - Snake Bay -
The Lake Is Big Bormasheva
Return 21:00 - 22:00


1 day

what you will see

Tours, medicinal tours, Baikal seal, thermal springs

useful facts

All tours are accompanied by tour guides

what's included


the price per one person

7 000i

The Ushkanyi Islands

Departure by car the village of Maksimikha-8:00, the village Goryachinsk-6:30, Ust-Barguzin-8:45. Crossing the bridge through the Barguzin river, we find ourselves at the checkpoint of the Zabaikalsky national Park. At the checkpoint, you will briefly discuss the tour, there is also possible to buy various Souvenirs with symbols of the Baikal. After the paperwork, follow to the end point of our road route on the way make a few stops in interesting places. Arrival to the village Monakhovo (destination avtomobilnogo route) at approximately 11:00 where you are boarding the boat.
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The Ushkanyi Islands

Then on the ship, proceed to the Ushkanyi Islands. On the ship you will provide a delicious lunch, gifts from lake Baikal. On arrival to the Ushkany Islands, landed on the island, and accompanied by inspectors of the national Park follow to the rookery of Baikal seal. After watching the seals, unforgettable photos returned to the ship, and follow in the Bay of the serpentine, where we will swim in the warmest water of lake Baikal, bathing in hot springs and a delicious dinner in the best traditions of lake Baikal.
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The Ushkanyi Islands

Then back to the Monakhovo area, where we change water transport by road, EN route to our starting point, we make several stops, one of them will be on the lake Great Bormasheva (water of this lake has healing properties, treats musculoskeletal and skin diseases). Return 21:00-22:00
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