The Zmeinaya Bay Tour

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The Zmeinaya Bay Tour

The Zmeinaya Bay is famous for its thermal springs flowing out in several places on the shore - on the land as well as under water. The bay is named after the grass-snake as those non-poisonous races can sometimes be spotted next to the thermal spring. At the place where water flows out, two wooden wells are built for swimming. The output of the spring is stable and equals to 0.2-0.3 liters per second or around 20 cubic meters per day. The temperature of water can range from +32 degrees Celsius to +56 degrees Celsius depending on the season. The water of the spring contains hydrocarbons, sulfates and sodium, with mineralization equal to 0.5 g per liter. The water smells and tastes of hydrogen sulfide, fluoride concentration ranges from 10 to 23 mg per liter. The local folks use the water to treat radiculitus and other disorders of locomotor system. We offer you to visit the Zmeinaya Bay.

rout of the tour

Departure from the village Goryachinsk - 7:30
Departure from the village of Maksimikha - 9:00
Departure from Ust-Barguzin - 9:45
Monakhovo Bay Snake lake Big Bormasheva
The return 20:00


1 day

what you will see

Excursions, traditional Buryat cuisine, hot springs, beach holidays, medicinal tours, Zabaikalsky national Park

useful facts

All tours are conducted in accompanied by tour guides

what's included

The services of the travel guide;
guide services
entrance fee to Baikal National Park.

the price per one person


The Zmeinaya Bay Tour

Departure from the village of Maksimikha is scheduled at 9:00 am, from the village of Goryachinsk at 7:30 am, from the village of Ust-Barguzin – 9:45 am (automobile transport). After crossing the bridge over the Barguzin, we get to the Check Point of Baikal National Park. There you will be presented with the route of our excursion. You can also purchase different Baikal-related souvenirs. After necessary paper work is filled, we follow to the final destination of our automobile route. Several stops at interesting places are planned during the drive.
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The Zmeinaya Bay Tour

Arrival in the area of Monakhovo (the final destination of the automobile route) is scheduled at 12:00. Then we embark the ship which will take us to the Zmeinaya Pay. There you will have the chance to swim in the warmest water of Baikal as well as the Zmeinaya thermal springs.
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The Zmeinaya Bay Tour

Later on, a delicious lunch is served. We get back to the area of Monakhovo where we change the transport. Along the way, we plan to make several stops. Thus, we will visit the Bolshoe Bormashevoe Lake (its water has curative properties and is used in treatment of disorders of locomotor system and skin diseases). The return to the base-camp is scheduled at around 20:00
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