Balneal tour into the Barguzin Valley

Combined tour, which combines several types of holiday


Balneal tour into the Barguzin Valley

The tour is created to allow you to visit the beautiful places in the upper Barguzin river as well as cultural and indiginous monuments of the Barguzin valley

rout of the tour

1. p. Barguzin - Alga lake -s. sovo - S. khilgana resort Alla
2. Kucuker resort - resort umha resort Alla
3. S. Yarikto - Ust-Barguzin


3 days / 2 nights

what you will see

Excursions, traditional Buryat cuisine, the face of the goddess Yanzhima, medicinal tour, Park, Buryat shrines, Suvinsky stone castles, the old Barguzin , Barguzinskiy datsan, the great salt lake Alga, Zabaykalsky petroglify (VIII-IX century)


Hotels, guest houses

what's included

The three p itanie

useful facts

Preferably, the stowed form of clothing and repellent against blood-sucking insects. Be prepared for long car journeys and low quality of Russian roads

the price per one person

(when the group from 6 persons)

Depends on the count of people in groupi

Balneal tour into the Barguzin Valley

7.45 Morning call 8.30 Breakfast, trip arrangements 9.15 Departure 10.15 A brief lecture about Barguzin. Excursion to an old Barguzin cemetery, Alginskoe Lake, the Baikal petroglyphs, Suvo and the area of Suvinsk Saksonia. We will stop by the Inninsky stone garden and the bukhe shulun (the bull-stone, the keeper of the Barguzin Valley) 13.30-14,30 - Arrival at the settlement of Khilgan, lunch in the Buryat farmstead (national cuisine, national milk vodka Arkhi for an additional price) 15.30 Departure for the settlement of Kurumkan (the regional center of the Kurumkan district), shopping (please, note this is the last settlement where electronic payment is accepted) 17.30 Departure for the ulus Alla, settling in at the Alla resorts, visiting thermal springs, dinner, free time, night rest.
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Balneal tour into the Barguzin Valley

7.45 Morning call, 8.30 Breakfast 9.00 Photo opportunity. 10,00 Departure to the Kuchugyr Resort. 11.30 Time at the Kuchugyr Resort, bathing procedures (upon request), sightseeing, photo opportunity. 12.00-13.00 Lunch in the cafe at the Resort (additional payment) 13.30 Departure to the Umkhei Resort. 14.30 Arrival at the Umkhei Resort, swimming in the warm lake (upon request), photo opportunity, sightseeing. 16,00 Departure to the Alla Resort. 17.30 Arrival. Dinner arrangements. 18.45 Dinner, free time. After 21.00 bathing procedures (upon request), evening photo opportunity, warm conversation at the bonfire.
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Balneal tour into the Barguzin Valley

7.45 Morning call. 8.30 Breakfast. 9.00 Hiking to the waterfalls, photo opportunity. 11.30 Travel preparations. 12.00-13.00 Lunch 13.30 Departure to the settlement of Yarikhto. 15.00 -15.30 Excursion to the Image of the Yanzhima Goddess, visit to the Barguzin Lamaist Temple (Datsan) 15.30 Departure to the village of Ust-Barguzin 17.30 Arrival at the village of Ust-Barguzin, the base-camp location.
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